What to Do When Designing a Baby Nursery

What to Do When Designing a Baby Nursery

A nursery is the place where everything starts, their first laughs, their first crying, their first steps, everything. Because it will become a room where you’ll construct memories and sometimes overcome challenging moments, you want your baby’s room to be cozy and filled with the right energy.

Color can add a lot to a room and give it personality. If you want to paint your baby’s nursery, here are the steps you should follow. 

Steps for Nursery Room Painting


Choose the correct type of paint 

As you might already know, some type of paints contain toxic chemicals that you obviously wouldn’t want your babies to be exposed to. You can never go wrong when choosing non-toxic paints. Look for products with no volatile organic compounds when choosing the correct one for your nursery.

Where to start

Start with the areas that require a more neutral color of painting, like your ceiling. This prevents certain types of accidents like splashing paint on any other areas. Because you still haven’t painted on other areas like the walls, if you make any mistake, it will be easier to fix by just painting over it.

Ventilated the area 

Keep windows and doors open as the fumes from the paint can cause nausea or even headaches. You can also plug in a fan and point it to a window so the fumes can escape more easily.

Cover your floor 

You can expect a huge mess whenever you’re doing a painting project, so protect your floor by spreading your ground sheet on it. 

Divide and conquer

For a more professional finish, tape off the areas that you’re not painting. By dividing the areas with the tape, you’ll be less likely to make a mistake and have effortlessly even lines.

How to roll 

The difference between an average painting finish and a professional one is the technique. We don’t expect you to do a professional job but take your time and finish one area at a time. Make sure to roll all the way through without lifting your roll until you hit your tape, to prevent any bold and uneven spots. 


Never forget to double coat. Is as simple as that. If you want to prevent an uneven look on your walls or any painting area, make sure to add that second layer of painting. It really makes all the difference in the world. 

Choosing a color

It is a proven fact that color can affect your mood. That’s why it’s important to choose the right color for your baby’s room. So how do you start choosing your colors? Our best recommendation is to always start with palettes.

Palettes are a full range of colors in a visual medium that could vary from warm to more dark settings. They are useful because they can help you figure out which colors match with others. They also allow you to see the type of vibe you want for your baby’s nursery before even thinking about it.

When you start painting your baby’s nursery, you need to take the other items of the room into account, like cribs, chairs, tables, closets and doors. These also need to create the perfect environment for your baby’s nursery. 

Start Your Project Today

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