Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Our team seeks to provide the DFW area including Arlington Tx, with outstanding painting and property beautification services. Our painting specialists can help you with any painting project you have in mind.

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Residential Painting Dallas-Fort Worth

One of the many services that Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling offers is residential painting/remodeling. If your home, apartment, or condo need a fresh coat of paint or need more serious renovations, we have you covered. The following is a list and description of the different residential services we offer.


Our local painters can paint, stain, or refinish almost any structure on your property, such as sheds, garages, shops, decks, and even wrought iron fencing. Let our painting experts help create your own masterpiece.

Interior Painting

Wallpaper removal

Yeah sure, the plaid patterned wallpaper may have been in style when you bought it 20 years ago, but its definitely time for a change. Wallpaper removal may seem simple, but its a job best left to professionals. Each step must be precisely performed so to not damage the underlying structure and to minimize blemishes in future coats of paint. A professional team has the tools and experiences to make the job easier and less complex to complete. When it is time to remove a wallpaper finish, give Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling a call at (817) 789-5441

Trim painting and repair

Whether you put a hole in your wall moving a table or your lovely new puppy has a penchant for scratching at the wall trim, odds are sometime in your life you will need trim and drywall repair. While small holes and scratches may easily be fixed by a kit bought in a department store, bigger jobs require the services of professionals. Bigger drywall fixes require replacement, drying, and sanding, all of which require the touch of an expert. 

Once your drywall and trim are fixed, we can repaint the surfaces in whatever color you wish, or add a professional texture or finish for a wholly unique look. Our professional teams will work with you to discuss all painting and finishing options to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product. When you need a drywall or trim repair or repainting, give Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling a call at (817) 789-5441.

Popcorn ceiling removal

A popcorn ceiling is a ceiling with a certain spray-on or paint-on texture that is commonly used for residential spaces. While certainly a popular style in the ’80s, popcorn style ceilings have fallen out of style and have been linked to health concerns from asbestos exposure. Asbestos exposure can be very dangerous so if you are planning on removing a popcorn ceiling in your home or business, make sure to enlist the services of a professional team of remodelers. 

Popcorn ceiling removal is a difficult process that involves soaking and scraping away small sections of the ceiling onto a drop cloth. One the entire ceiling has been scraped, the team patches any holes and damage from the popcorn ceiling. 

Aside from the actual removal process, we offer several options for the final finishes. You could opt for a plain flat paint application job that will open up and brighten your room. We also offer faux painting texture that can emulate any kind of surface, including rock, brick, marble, and tile.

If you are planning on removing a popcorn ceiling in your home or business, give Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling a call at (817) 789-5441. 

Textured painting

Textured painting is a great way to add depth and dimension to your living space. Instead of a plain flat wall, you can texture your walls for any pattern you desire. Textured paint involves using sheetrock mud and sculpting tools to mold the mud in whatever shape you want. Once the pattern has been molded, the pattern is allowed to dry and is painted for a final textured finish. 

At Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling we offer both hand-texture and spray-texture finishes. Call us today at (817) 789-5441 if you are looking for textured painting services. 

Exterior Painting

Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling also offer our services for various exterior and outdoor projects. 

Fence staining

Staining your deck and fence is important for protecting those structures from wear from the elements. Staining your deck prevents damage from moisture, scratching and discoloration from heat and UV radiation. When wood is left unstained, it can rot, compromising its strength and longevity. Proper staining can save you money in the long run by lengthening the life of your fence and deck. 

At Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling we offer different staining options ranging from transparent and semi-transparent stains that leave the natural grain of your wood visible, to solid stains that can give your whole deck or fence a new color. So if you are looking for any fence or deck staining services, give [comapny] a call at (817) 789-5441


Good siding is necessary to protect your home from damage from the elements and pest infestation. Without siding, moisture and pests can slip into your house through the walls, rotting wood and ruining your foundations. Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling offers full-service siding removal and installation. So don’t wait, give us a call at (817) 789-5441 and we can help you with all your siding needs. 


A classic brick exterior brick finish is a great way to give your home a sophisticated feel. Brick structures can protect your home and ultimately increase the longevity of your living space. At Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling we offer bricklaying and remodeling services for all your outdoor structures. Need some work on the outside of your home, or want to fix up your garage? Don’t wait, give us a call at (817) 789-5441 to set up a free consultation. 

Interior Painting Services

Our professional interior painters works with our clients to provide expert service from beginning to end with custom paint schemes, accents, and finishes to create a finished product you can be proud of. Let our experts guide you through each process to help you make the right decisions for a great finished product.

Exterior Painting Service

When you are looking for an expert team to complete your outdoor painting projects, call our exterior house painters. We discuss each project and materials with our customers to deliver perfect results every time.


Custom Paint Finishes

When you want a truly unique look that stands out, trust our painting experts to produce a personalized look with faux and custom finish creation and texture usage to give your space a one of a kind look.


Cabinet Staining and Refinishing

Cabinet replacement is expensive. Instead, let our experts hand paint or refinish your current cabinets. We can add custom finishes, pattern, and detailed stenciling to make your cabinetry really stand out.


Concrete and Garage Floor Coating

Protect your concrete and garage floor with a coating that can withstand weather, traffic, and even impact to revitalize your floors. Our experts will explain pertinent product differences to ensure your satisfaction, and apply your coating choice with no stress to you.