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Remodeling Services Dallas-Fort Worth

Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling offers not only painting services and the best remodeling contracting services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our team of professional Dallas-Fort Worth remodelers will work with you at every point of the remodeling process to make sure you understand the process, materials, and projected budget.

We want to make sure you understand every part of the process, be involved in material selection, know why we use what we use, and we’ll do our very best to stay on our projected budget. Call our office today for a FREE ESTIMATE at (817) 789-5441 to schedule a consultation and find out how easy it can be to begin your remodel.

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Bathroom Remodeling Dallas-Fort Worth

If your bathroom looks old and out of date, then it may be time to remodel your current bathroom into a modern space. Our professionals will work to figure out the materials, painting, and styles you want, and make sure you understand the time-frame and potential costs. We offer custom texture finishes, painting, cabinet staining, popcorn ceiling repair, and custom bathroom remodeling! Whether you want a new shower, tub. flooring or an entirely brand new, remodeled Bathroom Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling is here to help! (817) 789-5441.

Our custom painting services will make your bathroom look brand new. We will help you pick all the colors, materials, and styles, and our team of experts will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. We will help out at all stages, from pre-paint planning to post-paint inspections and touch-ups. 

Kitchen Remodeling Dallas-Fort Worth

The kitchen is often called the “heart of the home” and for a good reason. The kitchen is often in the center of the house and connects most of the main rooms. When your kitchen suffers, your whole house suffers, too. That is why we here at Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling offer professional kitchen remodeling solutions, including painting, cabinet refinishing, and trim repair and installation. From cabinets to countertops to entire redesigns or remodels, our team of highly skilled kitchen remodelers can give you an exact look and feel you’re going for!

Color, theme, paint-style, and accent design are all essential features to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Our team of kitchen remodelers will help you figure out a time-frame and budget that works for you, ensuring that all your demands are met. Need some old kitchen cabinets refinished? Our professionals can refinish and repaint all your kitchen cabinets to match the rest of your remodeled kitchen. We also offer hand-painted custom finishes in a variety of styles, like wood grain or a faux finish that mimics stone, granite, or textured surfaces. 

When your kitchen is in need of some help, give us a call at (817) 789-5441. Your kitchen deserves the absolute best, and we can help you turn your dream kitchen vision into a reality. Whether you’re wanting new countertops, stained or painted cabinets, a new kitchen sink, more cabinet space, a complete remodel, or something else, Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling has you covered. 

Granite Installation Dallas-Fort Worth

Granite is an extremely popular material for home installation due to its appearance, durability, and longevity. Granite countertops make an excellent addition to a bathroom or kitchen, and they are incredibly resistant to wear and clean easily. Our team of remodeling professionals can flawlessly and efficiently install granite countertops, flooring, and accent pieces with no hassle to you. 

Granite is a natural stone that is cut and installed in one to three large pieces. Granite options are more costly and require precise installation, but the durability and aesthetics of a granite countertop are well worth the upfront cost. Our team of granite installation experts will walk your through the whole installation, from initial planning to final inspections. We will make sure your granite countertops are correctly sealed, adhered, and evenly set. If you are looking for professional granite countertop installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, give Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling a call at (817) 789-5441. 

Flooring Installation Dallas-Fort Worth

An easy way to transform your space is a new floor installation. Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling offers professional floor installation in Dallas-Fort Worth that is reliable and efficient. Whether you want a comfy cozy look or a more modern and dynamic feel, Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling has the skills to help you out. 

Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling offers floor installation is several different materials, including wood, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and carpet. 

Wood flooring offers several benefits, including extreme wear resistance from foot traffic. Wood floors also give you home a classic, sophisticated feel and are very easy to sweep and mop. Wood flooring is typically a more costly option but is environmentally friendly and damage resistant. 

Vinyl and laminate floors are excellent choices for side rooms such as laundry and bathrooms. Vinyl is excellent for these areas because it is water-resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl floors can last up to 15 years when properly installed and maintained. 

Linoleum is a cheap and durable material that is great for secondary rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Linoleum, like vinyl, is very water-resistant and easy to clean, so it is great for keeping a tidy home. Linoleum floors can last up to 25 years when properly installed and maintained. 

Tile flooring is very resistant to damage from floor traffic and is not damaged by water. Tile flooring involves many different colors and style options that can be tailored specifically to your space. Tile flooring is very durable and can last decades when properly installed and maintained. 

Carpeting is the go-to choice for bedrooms and living spaces and for a good reason. A soft carpet is comfy on the feet and can provide either a classic or contemporary look. Carpeted floors are also soft and safe for children and pets. While they do require routine cleaning to stay in good condition, carpeted floors can save you money on energy costs by acting as a good insulator. 

Cabinet Staining Dallas-Fort Worth

Over time, cabinets can become dingy, dirty, and dull. Staining your cabinets is a way to increase their appearance and durability and give them a new luster. Replacing entire cabinets can be expensive, so before you opt for a completely new set, call the professionals at Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling to stain or resurface them. We can help you with any stain, color, or finish you’d like to give your cabinets a custom unique finish. We also offer several faux-finishes that mimic the textures of materials like stone, granite, and marble.

Cabinet staining helps keep your cabinets alive and can breathe new life into them. We offer stains in multiple tints and brands, including eco-friendly green paint selections. We will work with you to deliver relevant product information, technique details, and procedure expectations so that you are completely satisfied. 

Your Remodeling Project Is In The Right Hands

We are the remodeling company with the necessary skill and attention to detail to complete any project regardless of the size. Our remodeling contractors that strive to provide you with unmatched customer service and security. You can rest assured that your remodeling project is in the right hands. 

We are one of the most trusted painters and remodelers in the industry in Dallas Fort Worth, Tx. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, we are glad and ready to help. There are no limits on what we can help you accomplish. 

At Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling, our team of experts can direct you to the right choices in products, materials, styles, color schemes, and even budget planning. 

With Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling, we guarantee fair and competitive prices with all our remodeling solutions. Get in touch to get a free estimate, and feel free to ask any questions regarding your project.