Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Next Residential Remodeler

Let’s Gather All Relevant Information!

When it comes the time for your next residential remodeling project, you may want to consider hiring professional, experienced, and reliable home remodeling contractors to handle your home remodeling project and deliver the best-desired results. 

However, choosing the right residential remodeling contractor might be a tough task for homeowners. Every homeowner should ask some important questions when looking for the perfect home remodeling contractors to match their remodeling needs and project. 

Are You a Licensed Contractor?

Licensed contractors and professional handyman services are not the same in terms of delivering such a complex project. Usually, contracts are certified and accredited to be able to provide their services. However, many known handyman companies can be hired in case of small repairs and restorations.

When it comes to residential, and home remodeling, the most appropriate professional services to hire are certified, accredited, and insured contractors who can handle any project no matter its scope. A reputable contractor has the equipment, personnel, and factors involved in a professional remodeling process that a handyman may not. 


Who Will Perform The Work On-Site?

Before the work starts taking place in your property, by this time, you’ll probably have met with your residential remodeler representative to cover multiple aspects of your home remodeling project, such as financing, designs, and timelines. Still, the way residential remodelers work is completely different when it comes to delivering the project on-site.

Usually, most residential remodelers employ subcontractors or staff to work as well in the project. All sub-contractors are hired on the remodelers’ behalf, and they are the ones to have direct contact with them. The problem occurs when the remodeler doesn’t pay subcontractors for their work, leading to the homeowners’ responsibility.

Another important fact of knowing who will be performing the work on-site is by having the peace of mind that your belongings and family are protected and in a safe environment. Always consider that your remodelers should do background checks on employees before making their way into your property. 


Are You A Certified Trade Associations Company?

Dealing with residential remodeling contractors that are members of industry associations will also guarantee that they work with advanced technology and industry standards. These trade organizations provide members to learn the remodeling industry best practices.

A great way to confirm that you’re dealing with certified home remodeling contractors is by contacting the organizations or checking and verifying their credentials online.  


Do You Have A Portfolio?

Asking a great candidate for a work portfolio will clarify and give you a better insight into the quality work and capabilities of the home remodeling contractor you’re interested in. Having other projects that the company has delivered can also provide you with ideas for your own.

Most remodeling companies have their portfolio on their website. Still, others can provide you a digital portfolio if requested. It is common to find just impressive clients or projects as many companies only photograph large and impressive projects. However, that doesn’t mean those are the only projects the company has delivered.  


Are There Any Ground Rules During The Project?

Asking your residential remodeler for stated ground rules on their behalf is a great way of having the best possible communication between both parties during your home remodeling project. Also, as the homeowner, you can communicate with your remodeler to set some parameters if you want some specific factors to be taken into account. 

Setting these ground rules with your home remodeling contractor will provide you with the best overall experience from start to finish during your residential remodeling project. Also, it will lower the impact on your daily life tasks during the process. You can always set times or areas of the property where they are allowed to be. Another great ground rule is to agree to a specific clean-up level, providing as little disruption as possible.

Look For Professional Residential Remodeling Contractors


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