7 Proven Home Painting Tips from an Expert

Painting your home from time to time is a great way to keep your property’s appearance in proper condition. Also, thinking of a new DIY painting project in your indoor spaces can be a fun thing to do during your free time. A fresh new coat of paint is considered a simple way to bring house exteriors and interiors back to life as you can brighten up your home spaces.

Before jumping into your next do-it-yourself paint project, here are some professional tips from experienced house painters that you should know to ensure a successful painting project in your home.

Prepare the Space

To ensure the best possible results and a professional painting project, one of the first steps you should take is removing everything from the painting room or space. Taking time to cover floors, remove furniture, hardware, and put tape and remove the switch and outlet covers to secure the areas you don’t want to paint something you won’t regret spending your time on.

Use Primer

Using a paint and primer combination is a great idea for your painting project if you have a clean and perfect surface to paint on. Still, if you haven’t painted your indoor spaces in a while, going with a separate primer is the best way to cover any challenging surface.  

Wait for Dry Weather

To ensure a successful DIY painting project, choose the perfect day to paint your house spaces. A rainy day is not a great option to paint as humidity affects the drying process. Still, if painting on a rainy day, take advantage in case you have to make some corrections before the paint dries. Avoid overpainting during the slow drying process due to humidity.

Buy High-Quality Paint Supplies

To ensure a high-quality painting project, gathering all the materials and supplies needed is also one of the first steps. Go for good brushes and roller covers that give perfect coverage to avoid wasting time and paint. Also, make sure to buy top-quality paint and the needed amount for the space you will paint. Paint tape is also a must for painting to seal and mark the areas you don’t want to paint. 

Remove Paint Tape When it’s Dry.

To ensure the best possible results, make sure to remove the paint tape when it’s completely dry to avoid removing wet paint and having to make some touch-ups. It is also recommended that you read the tape’s manufacturer directions to understand how long to wait before removing it and the technique and angles to do it. 

Follow a Pattern 

When making your DIY painting project, make sure to follow a pattern as professional painters do to ensure completely even coverage in all the surface areas painted. Start by the trim and then drip paint onto the walls to easily cover up when painting. Also, make sure you wait the right time between each paint coat to prevent damaging the previous coat. 

Paint From Top to Bottom 

When you start painting, make sure to first cut the edges at the ceiling and base with a brush, and then use your roller to apply paint from the ceiling down to the bottom. As mentioned before, make sure to wait for the proper time for the paint coats to dry well to continue painting the next one until you finish. 

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