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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Popcorn ceiling removal ceiling Popcorn ceiling may have been in style back in the ‘80s when you installed it, but now it is time for something new! Unfortunately, a DIY popcorn ceiling removal is difficult and potentially dangerous. That is the reason why, at Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling we have a professional team of home remodelers trained in removing popcorn ceilings and rebuilding up your space with a new look!

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Popcorn ceiling, also known as textured ceiling and stucco ceiling, are a ceiling made with a certain spray or paint on treatment. Popcorn ceilings were initially popular due to their cheap installation, white appearance, and ability to hide imperfections and blemishes in construction. 

IMPORTANT: If you are considering having your popcorn ceiling removed, test for asbestos first! Pro Brush Painting does this for FREE.

Originally, popcorn ceilings were commonly made out of materials containing asbestos. After the use of asbestos in ceiling treatments was banned in the late ‘90s under the Clean Air Act, popcorn ceiling stylings largely fell out of favor. Nowadays, remodeling companies have made an industry out of removing popcorn ceilings from old residences. Plain clean-line ceilings have many advantages over popcorn ceilings, including a better aesthetic, better light dispersion, and easier cleaning and maintenance. 

Risks of DIY Popcorn Ceiling Removal

While it is certainly possible to remove a popcorn ceiling yourself, it is difficult and potentially dangerous. Many existing popcorn ceilings still have asbestos fiber and the removal of the ceiling can release asbestos particles into the air. Asbestos exposure has been linked to a number of respiratory issues and an increased risk of lung cancer. 

Along with being dangerous, popcorn ceiling removal is difficult and requires the right technique. Popcorn ceiling removal requires a precise technique of scraping that is usually only mastered by expert plasterers. The scraped ceiling also requires an expert application of paint to keep it smooth and crack free.

You can check if your popcorn ceiling has asbestos in it by scraping a small sample and having it tested at an EPA-accredited lab. If you do find asbestos in the ceiling, the best option is to hire a expert team to remove your popcorn ceiling. Our team of professional remodelers at Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling have the skills and expertise to safely and efficiently remove and unwanted popcorn ceilings in your home. 

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

Removing a popcorn ceiling is not particularly difficult, but it is messy and time-consuming. Our expert team at Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling removes Popcorn Ceiling in just 4 steps:

  1. They first begin by applying a wet solution to the ceiling to loosen up the sprayed-on material. Getting the material wet makes it easier to scrape off in the next part. 
  2. Then, taking great care to not damage the underlying ceiling structure, they scrape away the popcorn texture by sections until it is all gone. This is normally accomplished with a simple paint scraper, but must be done carefully as to get every part of the finish off.
  3. Next, the remodelers will lightly sand down the exposed ceiling to remove any bumps or imperfections left behind by the popcorn texture. The sanding part is extremely important for ensuring the new coat of paint drys correctly and is not bumpy or cracked. 
  4.  Lastly, our team applies a fresh coat of paint and sealant to protect the ceiling and give it a new look. We work with you to find a paint color and style that fits your wishes. 

If your want to get rid of that textured ceiling, the right way is with professional popcorn ceiling removal services! Give Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling a call at (817) 789-5441. Our expert team will remove your popcorn ceiling efficiently and safely, in a time-frame and budget that meets your needs. Unlike many other remodeling services, we can guarantee a quick fix so you can get back to enjoying your home as fast as possible.

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