Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Dallas

Removing popcorn ceiling in 5 steps with pro brush painting

Having a popcorn ceiling half a century ago meant that you were all the rage. Less expensive than the traditional plaster, the popcorn ceiling camouflaged ceiling imperfections and muffled noise. Popcorn ceilings became famous because they made easy work of finishing ceilings.

What they did not know is that there are a large number of problems that come with popcorn ceilings. If you have a popcorn ceiling, then you must keep reading to know what to do. Pro Brush Painting is here to support you with popcorn ceiling removal in Dallas.


The Reality of Popcorn Ceilings

As the years passed, the truth about popcorn ceilings started to arise, and it was shocking. Popcorn ceilings are difficult to clean and hard to repair. 

But the most critical issue of the popcorn ceiling is that it may contain asbestos. This is a common toxic element found in paint and textured compounds installed in home ceilings before 1980 when it was banned. Unfortunately, these ceilings already took over in popularity by the time these facts came out.

If you think your popcorn ceiling has asbestos, or you just want to remove the old-fashioned ceiling. Then it’s time to call the popcorn ceiling removers in Dallas to handle the job. Pro Brush Painting can help you to test for asbestos completely free.

Removal Process

Removing a popcorn ceiling requires an expert team, and at Pro Brush Painting, we are ready to take it over. 

  • Prepare the Room

Taking out all the furniture will be the first move. Cover floors and walls with plastic drop sheets. It is important to remove the light features and fans. 

  • Spray the Popcorn Ceiling

We will mist the ceiling with a wet solution to loosen up the sprayed-on material. We will wait until we ensure the popcorn ceiling has softened the ceiling substance to the point it can lead us to the next step.

  • Scraping

We will use a wide paint scraper, and taking care not to damage the ceiling structure, will softly start to scrape by sections.

  • Sand the ceiling

Once all the texture is removed, we smooth out any rough area left with the help of remodelers. This will help to remove imperfections and to make sure the new coat of paints dries.

  • Paint

The last step is to seal the ceiling to protect it and apply a fresh coat of paint. You can decide if you want to keep a smooth ceiling like the vertical walls or a knockdown texture. Regardless of which texture you choose, Pro Brush Painting will assist you.

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