Paint Color Trends in 2022

Choosing the ideal dining area paint color or the greatest pop for living room paint colors may make a huge difference in elevating the spirit of any room. Finding the proper hues for your house might be difficult at first. Many color consultants and designers believe that 2022 will be a year of new beginnings, and colors that symbolize this sense of rebirth will become increasingly popular.


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  • Current Popular Combinational Schemes

    In 2022, the most popular home improvement trend will be an eclectic mix of fresh and classic. To stay on-trend, you must always watch your peers’ doing and keep up with new design ideas that might fit into a certain color palette for this year. 


    There’s no right or wrong answer when picking a paint color scheme because there are so many options available in stores today that can work together seamlessly, even if they aren’t traditional “matchy-matchy” pairings. 


    • Blue & Gray Green & White Coral, Teal & Coral
    • Blue & Taupe
    • Gray & Peach
    • Gray, Blue & Taupe Green & White 
    • Coral, Teal & Pink Gray, Blue & Tan 
    • Gray, Navy Blue Beige with a hint of yellow or orange. 


    It’s important to remember that if you’re painting your house exterior, it might be time to consider repainting the interior because colors can fade over time and not look fresh anymore. 


    These ideas can be used for interior painting and exterior painting house renovations. Still, you will need to make sure that the colors are a perfect match with each other, so they look balanced when paired together on a wall or room of your house renovation.

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