Your Home’s Paint Colors and Your Emotions Connect

When about to jump in your next property painting project, one of the toughest parts is deciding which color to choose for your interior spaces. Although most people tend to choose neutral colors and their favorite tones, others mostly choose their interior paint colors depending on the furniture or elements that are going to be in the same space to match the paint shades.

Still, beyond those important aspects, there are even more aspects to consider when choosing the right paint color for the vibe and feel you’re looking for in your spaces, Emotions. Colors play a huge role in our emotions and how we feel, so when choosing a paint color, some colors can influence the mood we are looking to have on our property. 

How Colors Make You Feel

As mentioned, colors can make us feel happy or sad, as well as hungry or relaxed  due to physiological effects. Knowing the physiological behavior of paint colors on an average person will help us know how they impact our emotions. 

For example, warm shades can evoke a different feeling or emotion than cool or bright colors. It is also important to consider that color can be subjective. Not everybody may feel the same way when surrounded by the same paint color. What might make a person feel relaxed can make another person feel depressed. For example, it also depends on cultural differences as color plays an important role in different cultures. 

Colors and Emotions 

The way a person will feel depends on the color’s tone, brightness, shade, or tint, whether it is cool or warm paint color. Some of the most common colors that provide certain emotions are:


Warm Colors

Some of the most common warm colors you can find are red, orange, and yellow. These colors usually Evoque a feeling of happiness, energy, and optimism. Depending on these paint colors, it can also reflect a signal of danger or warning.

Cool Colors

Cool colors are commonly used to provide a calming and soothing feeling in-room space. Still, they also Evoque a sad feeling. Some of the most common cool colors are green and blue. Although purple is also considered a cool color, it reflects creativity because it is a mixture of calm and intense colors. 

Happy Colors

Warm colors are also considered happy colors; bright shades and pastel colors always Evoque an uplifting effect on your mood, so the brighter the paint tone, the more optimistic it will make you feel.

Sad Colors

Dark and muted paint color shades are considered sad colors. For example, grey is a sad color. Still muted colors such as blue and green can also provide a sad feeling depending on how they are used and people’s cultural perceptions. 

Calming Color

Pastel colors with cool-toned effects can provide a calming and relaxing feeling. Neutral colors such as white and beige can also provide the same emotion in your interior spaces.

Energizing Colors

Neon colors and strong bright tones such as bright yellow or neon green can provide an energizing feeling and help you stay more energized. Also, jewel colors such as emerald green or magenta can Evoque the same refreshed and energized feeling in your spaces. 


Colors and Space

Besides the paint color itself, our feelings or emotions perceived through a paint color can also depend on the painted room spaces. For example, having a small room with dull tones can make you feel trapped, so it is recommended to use lighter color techniques to provide wide, bright, and open up small spaces to make you feel more comfortable.

Painting your Emotions in Arlington, TX 

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