Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling can help protect and extend the life of your garage floor by coating your garage floor surface with one of methods. There are different types of coatings, so we’ll be sure to guide you in the direction of the one that best suites your garage!

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Garage Floor Coating Dallas-Fort Worth

One of the best parts of owning a garage is the beautiful sheen associated with a freshly applied garage floor coating. Garage floor coating is a great way to lengthen the life of your garage floor and protect it from the elements. Not only that, garage floor coatings are manufactured in a number of different styles and textures that can give you garage a unique and classic finish. Call us now (817) 789-5441!


We here at Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling understand the importance of a clean and tough garage floor. That is why we offer professional garage floor coating services. Our team of garage floor coating experts is trained to efficiently and thoroughly coat your garage floor to keep it shining for years to come. 

Most garage floor coatings are made out of a high-grade epoxy substance that repels oil, water, dirt, and other materials. The coating resists these contaminants that, over time, can damage your floor and cause cracks in the concrete. A nice even coating also makes floor cleanup in your garage that much easier. A garage floor coating is NOT the same as garage floor paint. Garage floor paint is just normal acrylic paint that is no better or worse at repelling the elements than ordinary paint. 

Epoxy is what is known as a ‘thermosetting’ resin, meaning that it can be applied under heat and dried to a solid. Standard garage floor coatings are made out of a mixture of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. The epoxide forms the main coating of the floor while the polyamine component acts as a catalyst that gives the epoxide its strength and durability. 

Unlike paints, epoxy coatings do not dry, the instead cure. When the two chemical components are mixed together, an exothermic reaction occurs that produces the closely linked polymer structures that give epoxy coatings their desirable properties. The end result is a compound much thicker than paint and that bonds better to different surfaces than paint. 

There are three main types of epoxy garage floor coatings, water-based epoxy, 100% epoxy, and solvent-based epoxy. 

Water-based epoxy is normally considered the “green” eco-friendly option, but lack the durability of other mixtures. Water-based epoxy coatings contain about 40%-60% epoxy and are thus thinner and more convenient to apply. 

Solvent-based epoxy coatings offer a nice middle ground between durability and ease of application. However, the use of solvent-based epoxy coatings has been regulated and requires special respirators on account of the high amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the substance. 

100% epoxy coatings are the toughest and most durable option. These coatings are made from 100% epoxy and offer superior longevity and durability. 100% epoxy coatings are the go-to option for professional garages as they easily resist skid marks, scratching, oils, and other chemical spills. A well coated 100% epoxy floor can last decades. 

Benefits of garage floor coating

“So what?” you might say. “I don’t need a garage floor coating, concrete is just fine!” In actuality, garage floor coatings have more than aesthetic purposes. Garage floor coatings will make your garage floor last much longer by keeping contaminants out of the cracks and resisting mechanical damage. Epoxy coatings are virtually impervious, are not affected by heat or cold, and can add 15 years to your garage floors life. They are also very safe and hygiene friendly as they can easily be power washed and mopped for cleanup. 

If you are looking for a fresh garage floor coating, give Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling a call at (817) 789-5441 to schedule a consult. We will work with you at every step of the coating process to keep you informed and make sure you are completely satisfied with the finished product.