Professional Ceiling Renovation in Arlington, Tx

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If you are looking to spruce up your home with a new look, renovating your ceiling is a great way to start. We have over 10 years of experience with ceiling remodeling projects and can guide you during the entire process. Our experts can help you begin budget planning and point you to the right products and materials.

Sometimes renovating your ceiling entirely might be too messy, inconvenient, or might take longer than you desire at the moment. At Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling in Arlington, TX, our professionals can provide you with ideas that will bring your home back to life. By adding a few elements to your current ceiling, it will look like new without starting from scratch.

How To Improve Your Ceiling

As previously mentioned, our experts can help you change your ceiling by simply adding texture, layers, new material, lighting, and other elements. The options are endless, and our priority is your satisfaction. Here are a few ideas we recommend.

Wood Layers: Adding wood layers such as overheads or beams and structures will make your ceiling the center of attention. Woods adds warmth, beauty, and a more elegant feel. Your plain ceiling will significantly benefit from a renovation like this. 

Add Painted Texture: If you currently have a ceiling with texture, you can take advantage of that, and our professional painters at Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling can help you select the perfect color for an exquisite mix of color and texture. 

Ceiling Tiles: One of the benefits of using tiles is that they are available in multiple finishes and patterns. They can transform your plain white ceiling into a beautiful accent in the room.

Light Up Your Ceiling: Lighting doesn’t have to only be for illumination. Although more light helps change the appearance of a room, it can also serve for decor purposes. Adding beautiful accent chandeliers or pot lighting adds a lot more dimension to a plain ceiling. At Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling, our professionals can guide you on how to best play with lighting to bring your ceiling back to life. 

Remodel Your Ceiling With Us

If you are ready to start changing your ceiling’s look, our experienced remodelers are prepared to help you make those dreams come true. Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling provides the best ceiling renovation in Arlington, Tx. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the project you have in mind; we can provide you with a free estimate. 

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