Why Is Cabinet Refinishing Better Than Cabinet Replacement?

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Cabinet Refinishing: The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation

Your cabinets are an essential component of your kitchen. Besides providing storage for food, utensils, and kitchen supplies, they give your kitchen space structure and flow.

Like anything else in your home, your kitchen cabinetry is subject to wear and tear.

Many homeowners believe that replacing their cabinets is the only option to get rid of old, worn-out cabinets. However, you can save your cabinets from untimely damage and restore them to their original look with a process known as refinishing. 

Keep reading to learn more about this easy solution to give your kitchen a major makeover without breaking the bank.

Cabinet Refinishing VS Cabinet Replacement

What is cabinet refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing means that you keep all your existing cabinetry components and only change their color or finish. This process is an excellent option for homeowners whose cabinets are in good shape but still want to enhance their kitchen’s look and feel. 

Refinishing involves replacing the kitchen’s hardware, including the hinges, handles, and drawer pulls.

What is Cabinet Replacement?

Cabinet replacement involves completely removing existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones. This option is the way to go only when your cabinet boxes are severely dented or in poor physical condition. 

Cabinet Refinishing: The Better Option

Through cabinet refinishing, you can upgrade your kitchen’s layout in less time and at a lower cost than replacing them. Here are some of the benefits that make cabinet refinishing the better option,

  • Cost-Effective: Replacing your kitchen cabinets with new ones is an expensive investment that can cost you up to $15 000 or even more. Cabinet refinishing can help you save up to 50% of the cost of getting all new cabinets. 
  • Quick & Easy: A complete replacement of your kitchen cabinets can take quite a long time. Instead, cabinet refinishing only takes a couple of days, depending on your kitchen size.
  • Guaranteed Results: Besides giving your kitchen a fresh new look, cabinet refinishing will also extend the life of your cabinetry. 

How Does it Work?

  • Empty the cabinetry

Remove all items from the cabinets, and prepare the area.

  • Clean the surfaces

Scrub all cabinets thoroughly, and wait until the wood is completely dry.

  • Soak the hardware

Brush all hardware lightly using a soft brush, and then soak them into soapy water for about half an hour. Once they’re clean and dry, apply polish, and let them dry again.

  • Protect yourself and the rest of the kitchen

Cover your appliances, countertops, and floor with drop cloths. Don’t forget to wear safety gear when you’re using a wood cleaner, including gloves and eye protection.

  • Strip and Refinish

Ensure your workplace is a well-ventilated area or outside if possible. Apply the right striping agent for your cabinetry, which will depend on the cabinet’s surface. The most common solutions are shellac, lacquer, water-based, Polyurethane, penetrating-oil, paint, and vinyl. 

  • Sand, prime, and paint the wood

You can also strip your cabinets down to bare wood by hand, removing the entirety of the old finish. Sand, prime, and paint the wood: After applying the stripping agent, fix any holes, scratches, or imperfections using a wood filler, and then lightly sand out the patch once it dries. Finally, add the cabinetry and a fresh coat of paint. 

  • Reinstall the cabinetry

Once the paint has dried, carefully reinstall the cabinetry and its hinges in your kitchen.

Hire the Experts

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, you should consider cabinet refinishing as your first choice. This process is a fast and affordable way to redo your kitchen cabinets without the hassle and expense of a complete cabinet replacement. 

Remember that refinishing your cabinets yourself is only a good idea if you have the expertise, equipment, and safety gear to do it. Otherwise, your best choice is to hire remodeling contractors in Arlington. Besides doing the job faster and more efficiently, an experienced contractor will know the right paint and solutions for your cabinetry materials.

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