Cabinet Refacing: Should You Do It?

Suppose your kitchen cabinet is worn out, pretty old, and the paint has faded away, or it’s starting to peel off. In that case, you have two options, whether you can replace your kitchen cabinets with a brand new layout or you can save and give a new fresh look to your old cabinet by hiring professional cabinet services.

If planning to make some potential changes to your kitchen, you’ll find here the most relevant information that will guide you through the process of deciding whether to reface your cabinets to look brand new or if the best option for you is to replace them with new cabinets. Keep reading this article.

How Does Cabinet Refacing Works

If you’re trying to keep your existing cabinets, you need to understand what cabinet refacing can offer you. This cost-effective option helps you provide a whole new look to your kitchen’s property; it keeps your existing cabinets and gives them a brand new appearance.

During the cabinet refacing process, the existing cabinet doors are removed. This means that drawers are removed and their fronts as well. The rest of the cabinets remain intact in the same place. The refacing process covers the front portions of the cabinet boxes and the cabinet sides with different materials depending on your specifications.

Some materials used in these processes are:

  • Natural wood veneer
  • Rigid thermofoil (Melamine-based product)
  • Laminate

In case Hinges are in good condition, they can be reused or replaced during the process. After the whole process, the refaced doors and drawer fronts are installed back in the cabinet structure, and all the existing hardware can be reused if in good shape. The customer will decide whether to add some extra elements to the new appearance of the cabinets or remain with the same design. 


Signs for Cabinet Refinishing

Many signs can warn you when it is time to give an extra boost to the appearance and functionality of your cabinets. These five signs can tell you it’s time to refinish your cabinets:

  • Your cabinet doors are no longer working

If your cabinets are sagging, get stuck often, or are misaligned, it’s a sign they are no longer functioning as they should, so it is time to take action and hire cabinet refacing services.


  • You have outdated and unstylish cabinets.

Changing your overall kitchen appearance includes refinishing your cabinets. If they’re in good condition, refinishing your cabinets, it’s the key to the whole renovating project.


  • You want to save money on your remodeling process.

An average kitchen remodeling project can cost thousands of dollars, so refinishing your cabinets can be a very cost-effective way to improve your overall kitchen appearance with high-quality remodeling results.


  • Your cabinet layout still works for your needs.

If you feel that your cabinets are still working for your needs, consider refacing your cabinets to improve their appearance in a cost-effective way. By refacing your cabinets, your kitchen’s layout will remain the same.


  • Your cabinets have a good condition overall.

Cabinets in good condition but not working 100% well are the perfect candidates for cabinet refacing services. With this service, you won’t have to replace your cabinets. Just a brand new shell will provide a new whole improved appearance.


Signs For Cabinet Replacing 

As you can see, cabinet refacing is just giving a whole new look to your kitchen layout without having to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new kitchen cabinet layout. Still, not all cabinets are great candidates for a cabinet refacing service, so you need to consider cabinet replacing if your cabinet boxes are too damaged.

Some signs for cabinet replacing are:

  • Cabinets have become soft
  • Severe water damage
  • Inconvenient cabinet layout 
  • No space for food prep
  • Overwhelming cabinet placement 

Professional Cabinet Refacing Company in Arlington, TX

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Avoid spending thousands of dollars and ripping your cabinet out of the wall by hiring a professional and reliable cabinet refacing company in Arlington, TX, like Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling.