Choosing the Best Paint Colors to Go With Your Home’s Lights

When choosing the right paint color for your home, it is important to know and understand how many different factors can change or affect the way we see those paint colors in our property. Besides many factors such as room space or contrast, lighting plays a huge role in color perception.

During certain times of the day, it is common to perceive the same color differently due to lighting. This primary aspect that can change the whole way we can see colors comes in different types, whether caused by the light that a wall or object can absorb and depending on how the light source works (natural light/artificial light).

Keep reading this article to understand how lighting works depending on the position of your property and guide yourself to choose the right paint colors for your home’s lighting. 

The Role of Natural Light in Color Perception

It is a fact that as the sun’s angle and it’s amount of light changes, your room colors will also change depending on this important factor, natural light. The color change also has to do depending on the position of your property’s rooms.


North-facing rooms tend to have more cool light, so bolder colors should be used instead of muted colors. Using stronger colors can be the best option due to the natural light in these rooms.


South-facing rooms usually have lots of high skylight that pops cool and warm colors. In these rooms, darker colors will look brighter and lighter colors will also glow.


For east-facing rooms, it is recommended to use reds, yellows, and oranges as the natural light in these rooms before noon is warm and yellowy, and then it turns bluer. 


West-facing rooms during the evening have a beautiful and warm natural light; still, during morning light, it is common to perceive shadows due to the lighting and also to perceive colors dull.


How Artificial Light Affects Color

Light positioning also plays an important role in the way we perceive colors, so consider that chandeliers, lamps, and lighting fixtures or the type of bulbs you are using will also change the way you perceive a room’s paint color.


Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, and String Lights

If you have a room that doesn’t get that much natural light and are looking to make it a little brighter without disturbing your room’s paint color, floor lamps and table lamps are a great option to limit the impact of lighting on the paint color.

String lights or candles are a great way to add warm and cozy vibes to your rooms, but consider that these artificial lights are recommended to warm up bright and light paint colors.


The warmer the light of these bulbs, your reds, oranges, and yellows are going to look more vivid. On the other hand, your blues and greens will be muted.


Halogens are useful to make all paint colors look more vivid, so using halogens in your home’s spaces will make a less dramatic transition from daylight to artificial light.


Fluorescent lights are a great idea to make greens and blues more vivid.


Compact fluorescent lights can produce warm white light, bluish-white light, and neutral light.


Light-emitting diodes come in cool and warm light tones. They are also a great option if you’re looking to customize your ambient artificial light in your rooms.


Tips That Will Guide You to The Right Paint Color

As you can see, natural light and artificial light can change the whole way we perceive colors, so before jumping to choose your paint color, it is important to study your room’s light source and how the color you’re looking for is going to behave in that specific space, so it is recommended to:

  • Paint squares with samples of the paint colors
  • Evaluate samples during different daylight hours
  • Hang lights or place a bulb before starting to paint
  • Remember artificial, and natural light works together in some hours of the day
  • Light-colored walls can reflect bold colors of elements in the same room
  • Glossy finishes can change the way colors look.

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