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Our team here at Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling strives to provide our customers with the best services no matter what it is: whole home remodeling, painting, deck or fence staining, garage floor coatings, cabinet refinishing, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or anything else! We’re the best Remodeling Contractor Gainesville TX! Call us today for your free estimate – (817) 789-5441!


When you are considering a new look for your home, our residential painting experts can create a custom look that’s both modern and inviting.


If you are looking for an experienced painting team that can complete your project quick, call our professionals to produce a warm, professional atmosphere, fast.


Bring your cabinets back to life and make them more beautiful than ever with our expert cabinet refinishing services.


When the most used rooms in your home need a facelift, our experts can create a modern, custom style that’s sure to impress.

Deck & Fence

Protect and seal your fence and deck while keeping them beautiful with our professional fence and deck staining services.

Popcorn Ceiling

Don’t risk your family’s well-being. Let our experts handle the popcorn ceiling removal process in your home.

Garage Floor

Epoxy coatings are the better option for a garage floor, but there are some important things to remember.

Remodeling Contractor Gainesville TX

Whether you’re looking for a whole home remodel, you’re wanting a new kitchen or bathroom, a fresh coat of paint for a new look and feel or anything else, Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling is here to help! We’re your premier remodeling contractor Gainesville TX! We guarantee your satisfaction, and we’ll walk you through every step of the process! When you need a painter, a remodeler, someone to stain that deck or fence, someone to remove popcorn ceilings, give Pro Brush Painting And Remodeling a call for your free estimate — (817) 789-5441!

Remodeling contractor available for residential remodeling services

Areas Served

When you need home painting or renovation services, call the most trusted Arlington painters and remodelers in the business. The Pro Brush Painting team has decades of experience with all types of painting and renovation projects in both the residential and commercial fields. Call us today at (817) 789-5441 to set up your consultation.

Trusted Painting & Remodeling Services Gainesville TX


At Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling, we strive to provide you with accessible and high-quality solutions for all the projects you want to complete in your home. We offer services that fit your budget and will achieve the final results you desire. Whether you have residential or commercial painting and remodeling needs, our team of experts will deliver precisely what you want. 


Painting Services That Exceed Your Expectations

If you would like to update and freshen up the look of your home, at Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling, we offer interior and exterior painting services. We can help you with any painting project from finishing up a room in your home to completely transforming the exterior with its colors. 

Interior Painting

Our Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling experts will help you find the right colors for your home. Selecting the appropriate colors can be one of the most challenging tasks. We can consult with you regarding the colors that will work best for any unique area. 

Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting services will exceed your expectations. We will work to get the job done quickly and professionally. We understand that it’s important to pay attention to details when it comes to home projects and takes that seriously. We will perform our job and any additional touch-ups if necessary. An exterior painting job can transform your home. 

Professional Remodeling Services at Your Reach

Painting & Remodeling in Gainesville TX might seem difficult and messy for homeowners. Still, at Pro Brush Painting, we make every effort to make the job as stress-free for you as possible. With our professional services, your home’s value will increase after the beautiful renovations. 

We can help you with projects, including flooring installations, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, granite installation, cabinet staining, and much more. We work in a way that least disrupts your daily activities. 

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with Deck & Fence Staining 

Decks and fences are continually exposed to harsh weather, and they have stripped away from their color, leaving them bare. Our Pro Brush professionals are experienced in deck and fence staining. You won’t have to worry about a bare or sprouting fence; we can leave your deck and fence protected for years to come. 

Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Regardless of the strength of the material of your garage floor, it must be sealed and treated. Suppose you don’t have the necessary experience to apply a layer of epoxy on your floor’s surface. In that case, our professionals in  Gainesville know the process. They can apply it even in the most complex floor types. After we treat and seal your floor, it will be looking better than new. 

Bring Your Kitchen Back to Life With Cabinet Refinishing 

We can help bring your cabinets back to life. With our cabinet refinishing services, our skilled professionals can make your kitchen look brand new at a fraction of the cost it would take to remodel the kitchen. We sand down, apply a fresh coat of paint, stain, or finish to your commercial or residential cabinets, and they’ll be good as new. 

Safe Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Some homes in Gainesville TX are older and have popcorn ceilings. Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling can help you remove your popcorn ceilings. Without the necessary experience, you could threaten your family’s well-being. We offer the most experienced popcorn ceiling removal services; we have a skilled and professionally trained team that will get the job done right. 


We Help You With Commercial Painting Needs in Gainesville TX

At Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling, we offer the convenience of residential and commercial services. We can help you with painting and remodeling in Gainesville TX, whether it’s a restaurant, apartment, hotel, or any other business. 

We stand out from competitors due to our efficiency and professionalism in everything we do. Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling is the most trusted company in Gainesville TX and surrounding areas. We can take care of all your remodeling needs, call us at (817) 789-5441 and we’re happy to answer any questions.