7 Popular Fence Designs & Styles

7 Popular Fence Designs & Styles

Homeowners tend to spend hours looking for the perfect color to paint their house exterior and looking for other landscaping ideas, but fences are often overlooked. 

If not the first, fences are one thing someone sees when they pull up to your house. Choosing the right one can significantly improve your house’s look, and the options are endless. 

When you choose a fence, some of the main factors to consider are the materials, durability, styles, and cost. Remember that if you have pets or small children, fences are a necessity. Whether you want a modern fence or more privacy, you can choose from these 7 popular fence designs and styles. 

Dark-Colored Fences 

Dark-colored fences are growing in popularity. Most people were used to the typical white picket fence look, but more modern houses call for different colors and styles. Dark colors offer a modern flair and will even provide a sense of elegance. Black, dark gray, dark green, or dark blue fences add a contemporary element to your yard. 

You can purchase your dark fences in any material, including metal, wood, or vinyl. The material you decide on will depend on your budget, preferred style, and weather conditions in your area.

Privacy Fences

If privacy is one of your primary concerns, a fence that can provide security and intimacy for your family is a solid fence. You won’t have to worry about neighbors watching your every move, especially if so many homes are close together. 

These fences are built to create a solid look. They are made to look decorative, but security is their main priority. Materials that are commonly used for these include metal sheets, wood, and some even incorporate plastic. These fences last a long time due to the way they’re built. 

Lighting on Fences

Another popular design and style of fence in 2020 are those that incorporate lighting. Homeowners are spending more time outside, and lighting is needed. Most fences that have lighting included are made from vinyl as the wiring is easier to hide, wood would make it more difficult. Adding extra lighting to your yard can provide more security and make for the perfect space to entertain guests. 

Mix and Match Fences

You no longer need to commit to a specific material or style of fence. Another trend that continues to grow in popularity is mix and match fences. You can mix a metal fence with a wooden one in the front yard, and a full privacy fence installed in your backyard. Think about the purpose you’d like your fence to have and work with the materials that benefit you best for each area. 

Multifunctional Fences

This might sound like a mix and match style, but it goes beyond that. Multifunctional fences serve more than your typical security and decorative purpose; they serve as a showpiece and extra part of your outdoor living space.

 A typical example is installing a privacy fence and incorporating a living garden as part of its look. The options are endless and entirely up to your creativity regarding material and extra purpose ideas.

Stone Fences 

A stone fence is a classic style that is as popular as ever this year due to its unmatched durability. This type of fence is perfect for colder climates. Although it is more expensive than other options, it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. It takes a longer time to build, but its life span is worth the investment. 

Patterns and Artistic Styles 

As time passes, we see more and more intricate design fences. Whether they’re made out of wood, aluminum, or metal, we are starting to see exciting designs involving geometrical shapes and unusual artistic designs. You have the creative freedom to create a unique fence design while keeping your pets and kids safe in the yard. 

Durability with these fences may decrease if they’re made from aluminum, especially in places that face challenging weather conditions. Depending on how intricate the design is, you might want to invest in regular maintenance. 

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