7 Breathtaking Home Addition Ideas

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A well-planned home addition can increase your home’s resale value, expand its square footage and improve its aesthetics and functionality. If you need more space in your home, but don’t want to move out, consider investing in a home addition.

House additions come in all shapes and sizes; from updating the windows to adding a new space, the options are endless. Keep reading to learn seven stunning home additions to inspire your next home remodeling in Arlington, TX.

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living areas have gained a lot of popularity recently and for a good reason. A beautiful patio or outdoor lounge is the ultimate spot to gather family and friends, relax and enjoy the fresh air. 

While an outdoor living space can be particularly beneficial in warm weather areas, it can also help people living in colder places to take full advantage of the summer months. 

    • Outdoor Kitchen: If you enjoy hosting BBQs, summer parties, and gatherings during the summer, then adding an outdoor kitchen can help you transform your backyard into an inviting and fun setting.
    • Pergola: Pergolas are simple shade structures that serve as cozy outdoor sitting areas. 
    • Outdoor Fireplace: An outdoor fireplace can help you transform your deck, backyard, or terrace into a warm, relaxing environment. The best thing about this home addition is that you will be able to enjoy it all year round. 
    • Decks: Decks, typically made of wood or composite material, are perfect for cooking out, entertaining or relaxing.
  1. Updating the Lighting

    • Replacing old lighting fixtures for more stylish and energy-efficient options is an easy and affordable renovation you can do at home. Lighting is crucial for any space to feel fresh and can make small rooms look more spacious. 
  2. Home Office

    • Now that remote work is becoming the new normal, adding a working space at home has become a must. If you want to build a studio or new office at home but don’t have space or money to do it, consider adding a compact workstation. There you can include built-in shelves, ergonomic furniture, and the proper lighting. 
  3. Spa-like Bathroom

    • The bathroom is the frontrunner for the most-popular 2021 home addition. Newer bathrooms combine advanced cleansing technology with relaxation features, including freestanding tubs, steam showers, aromatherapy showerheads, and bathtub fillers. 
  4. Multi-Zone Kitchen 

    • You deserve a practical kitchen that meets all your needs and complements your indoor space’s style. Many small additions can make your kitchen space more functional and enjoyable, from adding an eat-in counter to updating your kitchen flooring and lighting. 
  5. Mudroom

    • While many homes have entryways, a mudroom is a perfect addition for homeowners living in places with harsh winters. You can Install wall hooks, cabinets, and other storage spaces to keep your coats, shoes, backpacks, and other items.
  6. Energy-Efficient Windows 

    • If your windows are old and outdated, replacing them is an excellent renovation idea. Besides boosting your home’s curb appeal, this simple home addition can reduce your carbon footprint and save you thousands of dollars in utility bills.
    • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gains and losses through the windows are responsible for up to 25-30% of a home’s HVAC energy use. 
    • Energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping your home. Moreover, installing new windows can both maximize your thermal comfort and reduce your energy bills by 12% or even more. 

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