6 Great Ways to Cover a Hideous Popcorn Ceiling in 2021

Popcorn ceiling is no longer a trendy style of ceiling for any property. Popcorn ceilings began to gain popularity around the 1950s because they were an effective and easy solution of ceiling finishing that could help property owners to cover any imperfection if needed. But nowadays, many properties still have popcorn ceilings, and owners are trying to get rid of them as it provides many significant negative benefits and a bad look to your property environment.

Popcorn Ceiling Concerns

It is said that popcorn ceilings don’t handle moisture well. In some cases, you could find the texture of the popcorn ceiling loosen or eventually about to fall due to moisture of the area. For example, a bathroom and a kitchen are mostly places that have a fair amount of moisture, so it’s not a good idea to have popcorn ceilings in those areas.

On the other hand, Asbestos is one of the most important concerns about popcorn ceilings. Asbestos is a mineral fiber composed of flexible and soft fibers resistant to heat, corrosion, and electricity. This was a common material used for building constructions, but over decades has been banned due to health problems that could cause if asbestos dust is inhaled.

Many popcorn ceilings were made up with this material and other materials to make them stronger, but trapped asbestos fibers in the human body can cause inflammation, cancer, lung disease, and eventually genetic damage. Suppose you have a popcorn ceiling that was built many decades ago and it’s already damaged, or you’re looking to increase and give a fresh new look to your property. In that case, you should consider hiring a professional popcorn ceiling removal company or learn these great ways to cover popcorn ceilings.

These 6 ways would help you cover that unwanted ceiling.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling

A tongue and groove ceiling is one of the best options to get rid of that hideous popcorn ceiling. You can install this type of ceiling to hide any imperfections as well. This is a somewhat slow process, but it is worth it, and it is also one of the best ceiling options for patio ceilings.

PVC Tiles

PVC Tiles are also a great option to replace any unwanted ceiling finish. You can find many colors and textures in this option. Also, the process follows the same as a conventional drop ceiling. These PVC Tiles come in standard sizes, and unlike regular drop-ceiling tiles, PVC panels are waterproof.


Replacing your existing old popcorn ceiling by installing drywall is another great solid solution for a new ceiling. Once the panels are installed, then the primed and paint process begins. Also, this ceiling option should be maintenance-free for many years. 


Paint is the most simple solution to cover up an ugly popcorn ceiling. Before doing the painting process, you will need to make sure that the ceiling surface is in good condition to be painted.

Suspended Grid

Suspended Grid is a great option to cover popcorn ceilings, but it requires a high ceiling like these dropdowns. This ceiling provides a nice fresh new look and imparts a new design aesthetic to space. Before choosing this option, you should first consider the height reduction of the ceiling. 

Ceiling Tiles

This is a great option to cover your popcorn ceiling once it looks like drywall. Installing tiles takes a fairly long time but can help you provide a new look to your home. Aluminum, steel, leather, or tin ceiling tiles are a good option to provide that classic look to the home. 

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