6 Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

6 Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Over the past few years, kitchens have become the focal point of the home; it is a place of gathering to start and end the day. Because of the importance, this area of the home holds, homeowners constantly try to improve it and make it more comfortable and beautiful for those who live in the house and for guests. 

If you think your kitchen needs to be brought back to life, maybe it’s time for a kitchen renovation. Kitchen design trends have been evolving for some time now, and here are some of the trends design experts have provided for 2020. 

1. Double Islands

Kitchens have transitioned from the back of the house to larger and more open spaces. Kitchen islands are an essential part of a kitchen because of the convenience of having one and the beautiful look it provides. A design trend in 2020, is that a pair of islands have become the latest in luxury and a perfect addition when there is plenty of space. 

Double islands provide you with the perfect combination of cooking space and entertaining space without feeling crowded. Since double islands offer a lot more counter space in general, if you like to do more elaborate cooking, you’ll be able to do so with ease. 

2. Dark Colors 

Although a classic white kitchen looks great, the new trend involves dark jewel tones such as navy, black, plum, and emerald green. Dark cabinets provide the kitchen with a more luxurious, dramatic, and sleek look and feel. Lighter colors can’t provide the elegance and rich atmosphere dark tones can. 

This trend is perfect for homeowners and businesses since they can enhance the look and define the tone you want to set at your home or restaurant with this dark palette. If you would like to add more dimension and texture instead of a solid color, you can opt for a dark tone wallpaper design.

3. Backsplash Trends

There is a wide variety of backsplash designs, colors, and styles, which is why it’s such a fun way to decorate your kitchen. One of the most significant changes in backsplashes this 2020 is in size and portion. Homeowners are going for larger tiles and are choosing marble, quartz, copper, wood, glass, stainless steel, and many more. 

Since higher cabinets are phasing out, there is more wall space, and homeowners are taking advantage of it with backsplashes rising to the ceiling. If you want to implement this trend, but you want to maintain a classic feel, natural texture, and neutral patterns for backsplashes are great options.

4. Pops of Color

Since you spend most of your time in the kitchen when you are home or entertaining family and friends, why not add a pop of color with your kitchen cabinets? Although we have seen trends that involve pops of color in some areas of the kitchen, this 2020, we will see pops of color in the whole kitchen. 

Colored cabinets can transform your area, and it is the perfect kitchen remodeling move without worrying about completely replacing everything. Some of the more popular colors in 2020 include nautical blues, bold greens, and pale pinks. 

5. Mix of Metals

Maybe mixing metals used to be a complete no, but mixing metals in the kitchen has become quite the trend. By mixing metals, you add character to the space when done correctly. In 2020, matching everything is no longer in. If you want gold hardware, while also owning a soft nickel faucet, you can perfectly mix them.

You can also mix metals in your furniture selection, such as tables or stools. One of the best things about this trend is that you can constantly be changing these pieces. There are many manufacturers and remodeling companies that can help you find pieces that already have mixed metals that you can implement in your kitchen. 

6. Open Shelving 

Another trend that works for business owners with an open space kitchen design is open shelving. If you want to display your kitchenware, open shelves allow you to do so since all will be right in the open. It is also a convenient trend since you will be able to find everything you need easily. Keeping your most-used utensils in the lower shelves will make work flow easier for you as you go through your daily activities. 

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