5 Things You Should Know When Painting A House Exterior


5 Things You Should Know When Painting A House Exterior

Painting the exterior of your house can significantly change its appearance fast. If you want to give your home a quick makeover and improve its curb appeal, exterior painting can do that for you. It is a job that must be done with absolute care as it is what is most visible, and it’s also a significant investment. 

When you decide to paint the exterior of your house, it will not only look beautiful, but it will also increase its value. It’s the perfect opportunity to repair damages with a coat of paint and to protect it from elements, and much more. 

Take advantage of everything an exterior painting job has to offer for your house. There are a few considerations when it comes to embarking on this project. Working with painting and remodeling professionals might be the best move. Here are five things you should know when painting a house exterior. 

1. The Right Time To Paint

Before starting, you must understand that you need to find the right time to paint for a job that lasts and is done well. What does this mean? You have to keep in mind that moisture, temperature, time of day, and season are factors that will affect your exterior painting project. Here are the best conditions you should aim for to achieve your desired results. 

Season: Summer is usually the most popular season for painting projects. However, you can also take advantage of early fall and late spring as temperature spikes aren’t as prominent. 

Time of Day: Painting during the late morning and mid-afternoon provides the best conditions as the dew has evaporated, and the paint can have a chance to dry before the temperature drops at night. 

Moisture: When you paint your house during the rainy seasons, you should know that the drying process will be slowed down significantly, even if the surface is dry. It’s recommended that you paint when relative humidity is below 50%. 

Temperature: Did you know that temperature will affect the paint’s curing process? Don’t paint when you’re receiving too much direct sunlight or when the weather is too low for it to dry.

2. Tools And Materials Needed

You should also know when painting your house’s exterior is the tools and materials you’ll need. If you try to “wing it,” you might not get the final result you expected. Working with professional exterior painters is the best way to ensure that you’ll have everything you need to complete the project successfully. 

If you DIY this project, it might turn out to be more expensive than you imagined if you buy the wrong tools or materials, or if you don’t use everything you need. Fixing a mistake when it comes to exterior painting is not as easy as you might think. At least speak to a professional about a tools and materials list to purchase. 

3. Understand Your Type of House 

Something else you should know is what you’re working with. If you can, walk around your house and note all the sections that will be painted. Mapping the house’s exterior, noting cracks, holes, gutters, drains, pipes, etc., will help you paint correctly. 

It’s also important that you take down measurements to determine the right amount of paint to reduce waste. If your house’s exterior is textured, take note of that as well to choose the way you’ll be painting the different sections. 

4. Clean The Surface 

You should know that you need to clean the house before any exterior painting project. Although it’s a tedious process, it yields the best results. Many that have tried to skip this step have instantly regretted it. If you’re doing it yourself, you have to wash it down by hand. 

However, if you work with professionals, they will use a pressure washer, making the process faster and more efficient. Remember that you have to wait for the house to dry completely before starting to paint.

5. Protect Surroundings

This is an obvious one, but it is a step many forget easily. Something you should know when painting a house’s exterior is that you need to protect your surroundings. Ensure that you cover any doors, windows, lights, and more to prevent messes with the paint. Professional exterior painters can remove lights, vents, and anything that will make the painting job more manageable. 

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