4 Master Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

4 Master Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

If you consider that your bathroom is in desperate need of an upgrade or just want to update its look to the latest trends, there are a variety of them for this year that you can incorporate. Some bathroom elements that can transform its look range from vanities, tiles, colors, and finishes. 

When you remodel, you can also increase its storage, layout, and any other details you’ve wanted to make. Take advantage of the new trends and extra time to start with your bathroom remodeling projects.

Why You Should Remodel Your Master Bathroom 

One of the best decisions you can make for your home is a master bathroom remodel. Whether it’s because your needs have changed, you want to update the look, need to redesign for better function, maintenance, increase your home value, or more. It will make for an excellent investment.  

Your home should be one of the most comfortable places for you. Investing in bathroom remodeling services will improve it and your quality of life. When you look at how much it can benefit you, you’ll realize that it’s worth every cent. 

Here are 4 trends that will transform your bathroom. 

1. Brass Is Back

This 2020 brass has made a comeback. Homeowners incorporate shades of brass in their toilets, sinks, and other fixtures since these shades add dimension, depth, and a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Because brass is more warm-toned, it adds a more modern and sleek feel, and you can find it in a variety of finishes, including matte and satin. 

Not only will brass fixtures look excellent as accent pieces in the bathroom, but they will also compliment mirrors, light fixtures, and hardware perfectly. Gold and brass tones are back, and you should consider this addition for your bathroom remodeling.

2. Wallpaper For Accent Walls

Wallpaper might not be everyone’s cup of tea; however, it is a trend that many are using this year. There are many modern wallpaper designs with bold patterns, a variety of colors, and graphics that can serve as accent walls in your bathroom. With the proper installation, you won’t have to worry about any messes.

Committing to paint can be intimidating, but wallpaper is the perfect choice to add color and patterns without any permanent commitment. One of the benefits of wallpaper is that you can replace it when you desire at a fraction of the cost it would take to paint and repaint.

3. Tiles In Different Shapes, Styles, and Patterns

As technology keeps advancing, many manufacturers have found ways to move away from basic tiles and create more designs and shapes in a variety of colors and graphics. This 2020, you’ll see shapes such as hexagons, diamonds, fish scales, chevron patterns, and different textures for each. 

One of the best of innovative tile designs is that they are not only used for flooring, but also accent walls, shower walls, and even ceiling accents. You can decide the style you’d like and incorporate it into the bathroom. 

4. Darker Color Palettes For a Luxurious Look 

Not all master bathroom remodeling projects are about light and bright this year. Modern bathroom designs are leaning more towards darker color palettes for a more luxurious look. Darker tones are in season, especially black. This year, we see that this trend is visible in vanities, mirrors, light fixtures, and more. 

The most popular dark or black finish for modern 2020 bathrooms is matte. If you’re ready to step away from the light neutral colors, step into the boldness black has to offer. Black goes with everything, even wood accents, and it’s all up to your creativity.  

Update Your Bathroom With The Latest Trends

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