3 Common Problems When Remodeling An Old House

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Remodel An Old House Professionally

Remodeling an old house is hard work. It might have unwanted surprises hidden everywhere, such as electrical problems, old plumbing (rusted), and rotten wood. All these little problems might go unnoticed at first but can become big problems fast. 

You can trust in Pro Brush Painting and Remodeling if you have to remodel an old house and need assistance to check on the electrical system, plumbing, and overall structure. We have plenty of experience in the remodeling field to help you identify the weaknesses of the house and help you remodel it fast with no problem.


Top 3 Common Problems When Remodeling An Old House

As we were saying, remodeling an old house can be complicated, especially if you’re unaware of the problems it might have. For that reason, we bring you the most common issues you can find when remodeling a house, especially if it’s old.

1. Plumbing

Copper, galvanized steel and cast iron have an average lifespan of 80 years. However, older houses tend to have standing water in them for a relatively long time, which causes corrosion. This can build up in the tubes and can even lead to having rusty orange water if the pipes are left for too long.

2. Electrical problems

Older electrical systems are not adapted to the energy requirements a house has today. Outdated wiring is a fire hazard at home, which will not only leave you without electrical power but also will put your investment and safety at risk. For this reason, make sure your house wiring complies with the most recent code.

3. Lead Paint

Most older houses were painted with lead paint, which is dangerous because it tends to chip and fall apart. Also, it generates dust, which is really bad for your health. For this issue, hire a certified contractor that manages lead paint to ensure it’s removed entirely and safely.

Work With The Experts Of Pro Brush

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