10 Great Backyard Landscaping Remodeling Ideas in 2021

Backyards are considered an extension of the whole appeal of your property as they are usually more colorful and fun depending on the potential of your terrain. An attractive landscape design can potentially increase your home’s value as they are an investment in your outdoors to help you provide that desired exterior appearance but also landscape designs are functional because landscaping allows homeowners to have control of storm runoff and drainage, this way preventing any possible damage to the property itself.  

Here you will find ten great backyard landscaping ideas in 2021 you can choose from to your next landscaping remodeling project for your residential property.

  • California Modernist


This landscaping idea consists of using the same color palette tones of a tree in the center of the garden blending both the interior and the exterior of the modern property. Also, it is important to use the same flooring materials in and out of the home to match the property’s architectural lines. 


  • Pool Area Paradise


This landscaping remodeling design is an outdoor space that can reflect the property’s location. This idea was delivered to a property located in Naples, Florida. The design consists of a non-skid textured porcelain tile with the pool coping in a custom-cast concrete to mimic the shape of the swimming pool and a colorful wall piece made of teak and pops of glass tiles paradise look to the landscape area. 


  • Fulham Garden


This landscaping idea looks like a lush English backyard. This design was made of square pavers embedded in the faux lawn near a narrow planting that features olive trees and leads to a nice corner built in a seating area.


  • Multi-Use Yard


A multi-use backyard is a great landscaping idea if you’re looking for something safe for both children and parents. This multi-use design consists of having a bench made of wood that can also store things. Also, durable grass is planted on the lawn’s flat areas. It includes a dining and seating space to enjoy different activities in the backyard and provides a safe place for children to play. 


  • Hillside Garden


This Landscaping design is ideal for terrains with different heights; it consists of creating flat usable outdoor spaces by building terraces and stairs for plants connecting all different levels. It provides a more contemporary feeling depending on the emphasis of the textures, forms, and colors you will have to create this design. 


  • Transitions


Transitions are a great option when considering remodeling your outdoor space. In some cases, when children grow up or leave the house, you can play with different textures and designs when removing items like a swing. You can reconfigure the lawn to create larger borders and have informal planting designs to provide the feeling you’re looking for.  


  • Backyard Vegetable Garden


An empty backyard can be a nice place to have a vegetable garden. Most vegetable gardens have a geometrical design which provides an exciting design for your backyard while serving practical needs.


  • Colorful California Landscape


 A colorful California landscape consists of mixing different colorful succulents, ornamental grasses, and subtropicals such as blooming cannas. Also, having pathways in a landscape provides a nice look and guides foot traffic.


  • Coastal Landscape


This inspired coastal landscape includes a swimming pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, patio, and softscape plants to add that little green touch to the yard. It is composed mostly of square edges to match the architectural lines of the home. 


  • Intimate English Garden 


 The intimate English garden includes attractive wood fencing to provide a private area and a seating area with many viburnum bushes around the backyard. 

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